Materials and Measures


  1. Shikishi Board

    Shikishi Board

    Shikishi Board

Shikishi are some traditional painting boards that are used for Sumi-e, calligraphy and painting, Shikishi has a gold foil flecks embedded. There are many measures but the typical is 24X27cm.

  • How can I display my Shikishi?

There are some traditional Japanese frames such as Kakejiku or Kakemono, it is a hanging scroll made with fabrics, special paper, bamboo wood and other materials. Only the Kakejiku could be a very expensive object if it is made of silk and fine materials.  You can see the video about how Kakejiku are made in a traditional way

Kakejiku – Making of a Japanese Hanging Scroll on Vimeo

You can display the calligraphy in normal frames as well and it looks also nice.



  1. Paper

I use high quality paper of 250g/m and 370 g/m for Calligraphy, ink and watercolors in my paintings, the measures of it are 24x32cm.

The paper I use to paint the colored dragons  is different; I use glossy paper for it. The dragons are painted with sumi and acrylic paintings.

The stamp is my signature with my name on it in Tenshotai which is an ancient style of calligraphy. It is common to sign the calligraphy with that type of seal.



  1. Sumi

    Sumi and Calligraphic brush

    Sumi and Calligraphic brush

The Sumi ink is obtained from a solid ink bar . To obtain the ink it is necessary to rub the solid ink into a stone with a little water on it until it reaches the necessary density to paint.



  1. Brush

Brushes are made from bamboo and other natural fibers; the size of those depends on the drawing that you want to create.






If you have any questions you can contact me, thank you

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