About the author

Shodou and Japanese Calligraphy

Nagataya Kyoto by Mitsuru Nagata

My name is Mitsuru Nagata, I have a degree in sociology from Bukkyo Daigaku (the Buddhist University) in Kyoto. I am currently living and working in Barcelona.

The Shodou or Japanese calligraphy is a form of art in Japan that requires years of practice, it is a long life learning technique, I started learning it at the age of 6 years old. My grandfather was a kimono designer in Kyoto. However, I enjoy painting and doing calligraphy since I was very young. Finally, I have decided to do my blog and I hope you can also value somehow my art work and learn Japanese proverbs, haikus, and enjoy as much as I do. I try to communicate a part of my culture and origin through my paintings and my work.

The last month I had many requests from my followers to buy

my work, so finally I´ve decided to open my online shop, you can visit the my shop, I can send my paintings worldwide, all of my paintings are original and handmade with sumie.



Contact me if you have any question, thank you

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