23rd April International Book Day

April 23rd is the international book day, however in Catalonia people celabrate this day in unique and beartifull way. The streets will be full of stands that sell books and roses. The people give the book with a rose to people who love or friends. That day coincides with the Shakespeare´s date of death and Saint George day. The legend says that the knight Saint George killed the dragon and saved the princess. A rose emerged from the blood that flowed from the the body of the dragon and the knight gave it to the princess.

I painted these roses with sumi specially for that day you can find it in MY ONLINE SHOP, free shipping to Catalonia and the rest of Spain until 20th of april

Paper for calligraphy 180 g / m2
measures 21×30 cm o (8.2 inches x 11.6 inches) – A4

Books and Roses

Books and Roses


El día internacional del libro

El 23 de Abril es el día internacional del libro, pero en Cataluña se celebra de una forma muy especial. Las calles se llenan de rosas y libros. El 23 de abril y la gente regala el libro con una rosa. Este día coincide también con la muerte de Shakespeare y con el Día de Sant Jordi. La leyenda dice que el caballero mató a un dragón con su lanza para salvar a la princesa. Se dice que de la sangre del dragón salió una rosa que el caballero le entregó a la princesa. Así pues en Cataluña se celebra también entregando una rosa a tu amada ese día. Lo mejor es regalar las dos cosas, la rosa y el libro!

Yo he pintado estas rosas con sumi especialmente para este día y haré envíos certificados gratis de las rosas para Cataluña y el resto de España hasta el lunes 20  de abril  en MI TIENDA ONLINE. Espero que os gusten.

Podéis descargar gratis el punto de libro

9 thoughts on “23rd April International Book Day

    • Thanks for your comment! I didn’t write Sant Jordi, but if somebody ask me I can write it, I could also write the name of the lover to make it more personal. Jant Jordi is much better than st Valentine, I think that almost everybody is happy that day, even if you don’t have a lover some friend or family gives you a book. 👍

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  1. Very nice roses. I especially like how you’ve varied the tone of the ink here too. The calligraphy for example being basically solid but the roses, notably the top one on the right, having just enough variation to imbue its petals with a sense of three dimensional shape.

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